Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sorry His Holiness, We Couldn't Get It!

We already know what happened in the last couple of days about the Pope’s unfortunate statements and reactions to his words. Some, who does not want to see the truth, defend him as he did not say the words himself but ‘quoted’. Intended or not, quoted or not, we face a strong reaction from the Muslims at the moment, whose population are more than 1.5 billion. Those Muslims are the ones who had to deal with prejudice against them after 9/11, and the cartoon crisis recently.

The Pope Benedict XVI formerly known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is known for his enrollment in Hitler Youth in 1941. He is also known about his opposition views on inter-faith dialogue and Turkey’s membership on EU. When all these considered, it is hard to believe that he didn’t intend to offend Muslims.

It looks like the Pope forgets about his position and importance of it. More than anybody, he knows how sensitive religious subjects are. Why did he need to quote from Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus? He should have chosen a better example, he should have thought of the reactions, especially at a time which the relations between Islam world and the West are tense. Certainly, it did not help for dialogue.

People on the street do not have to read the full text of his speech. Not everybody has to be intellectual or academician to interpret such words. People react to what they read on newspapers, which perhaps misquoted the speech. Even if the Pope did not mean to hurt Muslims’ feelings, he did. Now Muslims are on the street, tension is growing. A church was attacked in West Bank a few hours ago, and it would not be unlikely to expect similar events soon.

As the leader of the Catholic world, as somebody who says that he supports inter-faith dialogue, he should have more discretion. To prove that he is not against Muslims and he respects Prophet Mohammad, he owes a ‘real’ apology to Muslims. Otherwise, the clash of civilizations is going to come true pretty soon. And as some intend, it is not going to be anybody’s fault but ‘cruel’ Muslims’.

I miss the marvelous his holiness Pope John Paul II, and his good will towards Muslims. I remember him delivering a speech at Omayyad Mosque of Damascus, and starting his speech as “As Salaam Alaykum”. At his speech, he emphasized the similarities in Islam and Christianity, believing in the same God, sharing similar values, Jesus as a prophet of Islam, and how Muslims and Christians respect one another. The place he chose was a holy place for Muslims, mosque. The words he chose was careful and meaningful. The people he talked to were Muslims. And the quotes he used were from Quran.

For a true dialogue, we should forget about mistakes have been made in history. I could talk about Christianity as the religion of sword and refer to Crusade wars. But, would that solve anything? Are we trying to prove whose religion is better, or how can we co-exist in the same world? It is time for conscience for all of us, and the leaders should pioneer it.

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gopelalwani said...

Although Pope is not known to be
commenting on other faiths but
today he could not resist the
temptation of expressing that
violence and Islam has been
found to be going together.
His views are expected to
raise an intense debate

Pope Benedict XVI weighed in Tuesday
on the delicate issue of rapport between
Islam and the West:
He said that violence, embodied in the
Muslim idea of jihad, or holy war, is
contrary to reason and God’s plan,
while the West was so beholden to
reason that Islam could not understand it.

Even if human race agree that western devils and USA
are enemies of Islam.

But why Muslims attack in India, a docile community with
no imperialist aspirations and home to the second largest
population of Muslims.?
Can Muslims explain this?

Why the Islamic invaders super imposed their mosques
on temples while Britishers and other rulers like Portuguese
never did it?

Why Muslim youth ask other religion's partner to convert to
Islam for marriage and not vice verse?

Why is it that a Muslim flares up on reference to Koran or
any other dictates of mullahs by any non Muslims?
Why Muslims cant bear criticism like other do?

Why is it that the unrest is always linked to
Muslims in the world?

Can Muslims deny that in Koran, sunna and Sharia
or whatever by correct name these are called ,there
is clear mention for treating women as filth and treating
non Islam world as non believers and deserve to be
eliminated? It is exclusive and sick mind's attitude.

The fact is that most of Muslims who are illiterate are
brain washed by mullahs and fanatics in Islamic community
to wage war in name of Jihadwhich itself is foolish and
uncivilised word.

Muslims capture or crush non Muslims and their property?
It is time Muslims reform their medieval and obsolete thinking,
intolerance to criticism to their holy books and practises,and
self praise of Islam and degrading other religions.

Muslims are restless lot with self assumed chastity and purity
and frog eyed vision about their religion.
They must update and open up themselves and learn to respect
all humanity and remain in their limits.
No race on earth can be assumed to be infinitely tolerant to their
violent and vociferous means and noise and should not therefore
be taken for granted
It is historical fact that Muslims have never lived in peace in their
history since inception.
It is time Muslims start behaving and mind their own religion and

Anonymous said...

you kick ass